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Game Streaming Service
I signed up for a streaming service called Athletes go live.  It is a service that will allow college coaches and parents to watch the games live when they cannot attend.
There is no fee for the coaches to watch the games.  There is a subscription fee for parents.
The website is www.athletesgolive.com.  Create an account, choose the plan that works for you (some plans allow you to go back and watch games you missed, others are live games only).  Our team is listed as Central MA Xplosion or CMX (I believe it will recognize either one).
I need to go to Best Buy or Target to look for a Tripod or a mounting bracket of some sort to put behind home plate.  Would anyone be willing to be in charge of set up and removal after games?
I have no idea of the quality of the feed but I think in light of the current situation, it is a good idea to give it a shot.  
Your daughters should send the link to the website to any schools they have been speaking to.

by posted 06/26/2020
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